Patrick Kilgore's Keybase Public Folder

Hi, I'm Patrick Kilgore. These are publically hosted files you can be sure came from me because of maths, that is, asssuming you trust my identity on keybase. If you are not sure, just ask me in person (or anyway you trust to get in contact with me) if pkilgore is my keybase id.

A current list of files in this folder is below, with any notes. I'll try to keep it updated, but if it isn't listed below, you can assume it really isn't up here for you.

------------------------/ File List \------------------------


(the markdown of the file you are viewing now)


(explains what is in this particular folder and why)


(an intermediate iso of tails, verified and signed by me, if you believe my keybase account isn't compromised. Crypto is annoying, right? I have a dated tweet containing the SHA1 hash of this file tweeted here. So if you trust my keybase as of 12/31/16 and the hash matches, you're good. But if twitter changes and allows folks to edit tweets, or governments to edit tweets...don't trust that either.)

Tails is HARD. You still need to follow the instructions to do it right. Consider yourself WARNED.


(The tails devs' PGP signature of the tails iso above, for you to verify tails against their PGP key)